Participants of 2019 edition


Buyers and TOP managers of retail chains


Producers of the FMCG sector



"Congress of the FMCG Market – Store of the Year and Drugstore of the Year" is a key meeting of the food, drugstore and pharmacy industry, which has been gathering the most important figures of the Polish market and of the leading European markets for years. The Congress is one of the biggest in the CEE region conferences dedicated to the local and global trends, new ideas and the future of retail, e-commerce and FMCG industry as well as service and technological environment.

Congress of the FMCG Market 2019 is a platform for exchange of thoughts, knowledge and communication between the partners, but also provides guidance that may help the entrepreneurs look into the future of the FMCG sector and allow making strategic decisions regarding the management of companies and their departments. The Congress is also an opportunity for sharing and promoting the environmental issues and taking care of the healthy future for the next generations.

The trade sector faces a lot of challenges. Trade and production companies and their surroundings in Poland and the world are in the period of extremely dynamic and fascinating digital and technological transformation which will affect their future. Those changes, which, one the one hand, are a huge challenge, but also an opportunity for development and getting closer to the con-sumer, will be discussed by the Congress guests.

The most important issues that will be raised during this year's edition of the Congress include: consumer trends and health, labour market and automation, digital and technological transformation, natural environment and its protection, including the idea of circular economy, as well as cashless payments, Big Data analysis and offer personalisation, mobility and customer expe-rience, omnichannel and e-commerce solutions, ideas of high-speed retail and trade without borders, as well as fundamental issues regarding the strategies for development, sales, marketing or building a value chain.


Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze is a B2B communication company, operating in international structures. We provide practical and up-to-date business information through business magazines and conferences in the food and beverage industry.

Both our nationwide titles - "Wiadomości Handlowe” and "Wiadomości Kosmetyczne" - are leading in their segments, and conferences organized by Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze such as the Congress of the FMCG, Cosmetic Business Forum, Meat Congress, Confectionery Congress - Sweets & Snacks, Alcohols & Beverages Congress are the source of priceless knowledge of the market and the place of establishing and maintaining many valuable business relationships. Professionals value us for the credibility, reliability and high level of journal and conferences.

For 11 years, the Wydawnictwo Gospodarcze is also the organizer of market research, which shows retailers and consumers the best new food and cosmetics products on the market. Famous and respected in the industry projects - "Pearls of the FMCG Market", "Pearls of the Cosmetic Market," "Best Product - Consumer Choice" have joined the "Favorite Brand - Consumer Choice" research, highlighting the brands most valued by consumers.

At the beginning of 2016, the company's portfolio was powered by the internet portal www.wiadomoscihandlowe.pl dedicated to representatives of the FMCG trade and distribution sector. There is a rich collection of content in the B2B service - from news information, through analysis and reports, to educational and guidance texts - which is a common denominator of business development. The versatility of the news portal makes it possible for the readers of the service to find people directly related to the trade sector at all levels, but also food manufacturers and processors, business service providers, market analysts, economists and other experts.